Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Bright Side Duet by Kim Holden


Bright Side


“Do epic.”

Kate Sedgwick had her fair share of pain and tragedy in the past. It was now time for life to give her the sunshines and rainbows and unicorn she deserved.  As she decides to attend college away from home, she’s met Keller, the hot barista working at the coffee shop. It was uncanny how alike they are: the type of coffee they took, their taste in music… even a hiding a big secret from everyone they love.

“I love you, baby… I love you, baby.”

I can’t.

I can’t put it into words. I don’t think the word ‘beautiful’ can do this book justice. I love all the characters because there’s so much love going around. I love that there was no villain trying to keep our dear characters apart in the story… just Life being the usual asshole. I love how it started even though I don’t have any idea about this book. I love how it ended even if it left a blubbering mess out of me. Actually, I don’t think I hate anything about this book. It was epic.

I cried.

I cried so much. I cried so hard. Kate is such a wonderful character. She affected and helped so many lives. Despite everything she still found the strength to get up and start her day.  I admit I was in denial regarding Kate’s secret. There were clues but I pushed them away because I don’t want to believe it. I don’t want our dear characters to through a wringer. It was so unfair. I know life is not fair but this is too much. There’s only enough shit a person can take. I feel for Keller. After the tragedy that happened in his past, then to go through what happened with Kate just… *sobs uncontrollably* I can’t imagine how he managed to smile and laugh. Even if their love is so beautiful, so intoxicating… it’s just so depressing.

I have a love/hate relationship with open endings. And I love the open ending of this one. It’s not because I could think of various possibilities for the future of our dear characters. I love that it was final. It was the story of Kate and Keller and it was that. They met and fall in love, then tragedy happened, you moved on. It was the end of the story and you couldn’t ask for more. There were no loose ends… especially now that there’s a sequel titled, Gus.

I admit I was expecting a HEA for all the characters because there’s a sequel. I thought Gus will be just Gus’ POV of Bright Side or he’s own HEA with someone. But after reading Bright Side, I admit that we really need Gus. Gus was a very important character in Kate’s life. They were halves of a whole. So after all that happened, it really isn’t the end after all. We still have Gus to look out for.

Read: June 18, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Slightly spoilery review for Gus. Please read Bright Side first. Thank you!



Gus Hawthorne was spiraling out of control. Drugs, alcohol, sex… you name it. It was an addiction he couldn’t escape without Bright Side. The solace of making music no longer holds the appeal without her. In the haze of grief and mourning, he met Scout MacKenzie. Scout is battling her own demons and secrets. The last thing Gus needs is get involve without finding himself first. Could two broken souls find happiness in each other’s arms?

“I don’t know how to be Gus without her, dude. I’m fucking lost as shit.”

It is no wonder that Gus would make readers cry. He made us fall in love in Bright Side and seeing him in his rawest and most vulnerable state just broke my heart all over again.  I can’t even imagine losing someone who is more than bestfriend. This book didn’t only bring tears in our eyes. Healing happened that eventually resulted to the pure happiness of our dear characters.

I didn’t expect that Gus would have a love story because I thought it was too conventional for Kim Holden, since Bright Side didn’t really have a conventional love story. However, I loved it. Gus and Scout’s relationship wasn’t insta-love or insta-lust. Before anything else, they were able to find footing from all the tragedies that happened. There was a slow building of bridges and trust. It wasn’t only Gus’ story. Audrey, his mother, got the HEA she deserved. Keller and Stella also found themselves in the family. Scout was able to find the Scout that was behind the curtain of her hair. I’m so happy for our dear characters, I could cry…

Meh, just kidding.

Or not.

Read: June 19, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars


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