My Favorite Standalone Authors

I just like to share my list of favorite standalone authors. These will be authors that write only standalones.

Jandy Nelson

I’ve read The Sky Is Everywhere and I’ll Give You The Sun, and gave both of them a five star rating. This author is so just so amazing. To be honest, for me IGYTS is much better than TSIE. The feelings are more intense. It was so raw, you really couldn’t help but feel it.

*I’ll be posting my review for TSIE in a few, watch out. 🙂

Morgan Matson

The first I’ve read of Morgan Matson is Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour–which is pretty amazing–and that’s the start of my ever-loving devotion to this author. You should also check out Since You’ve Been Gone and Second Chance Summer. Her latest novel is The Unexpected Everything. I haven’t had a chance to read it though.

Julie Johnson

Her book Say the Word killed me. It’s been years since I read it but I could still feel remnants of that book. Up until now I’m reading her books, but I haven’t got my hands on her latest which is One Good Reason. This is the third book in the Boston Love Story. I know this is for standalone authors only, but her series is a standalone series. You could read any of those books, but it would be slightly spoilery though.

Nicola Yoon

Her debut novel was titled Everything, Everything. And I love everything about it! The characters, writing style and techniques, just everything. I was so amazed by this author. Her next book will be out on November 1, 2016 entitled The Sun Is Also a Star.

I’d like to make an exception to Amy Harmon and Alessandra Torre.

Amy Harmon

I’ve never been disappointed in any of Amy Harmon’s standalones. Her writing technique is so unique that’s why I couldn’t get enough of her. To name a few, here’s Making Faces, Infinity + One and A Different Blue. She’s also the author of a duet (The Law of Moses & The Song of David). Her newest novel is a standalone fantasy titled The Bird and The Sword.

Alessandra Torre

Black Lies is my first read of Alessandra Torre’s. I loved it so much, I started getting all her books. Sadly, others didn’t do it for me but I didn’t lose hope. Love, Chloe was published a few months ago, and halleluiah! I was found! It was so different from Black Lies but I loved it. It was so funny, so witty. It was sublime.

These are just some of the authors I loved. I have tons of standalone favorites that were not mentioned though. Anyway, that’s just for now. There’ll be lots of time to talk about others.

xx Lovs


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