Contemporary Romance, New Adult

The Song of David by Amy Harmon

The Song of David

The Song of David

David ‘Tag’ Taggert have been fighting his whole life. Fighting to find her lost sister until she was found dead. Fighting in the ring until he was their king. Fighting everyday not to kill himself. Until he met Amelie ‘Millie’ Anderson, and he found himself fighting one last fight that counted the most. For friendship. For love. For family. For Millie.

“I’ll fight this thing, Mo. I’ll fight as hard as I can until the bell rings. But if the bell rings sooner rather than later, then you gotta promise me that you’ll take care of my girl. We gotta deal?”

Can I just say one more time how brilliant Amy Harmon is?

I’m actually not expecting for Moses appearance to be so big. A part of me doesn’t like it because I felt like he’s stealing the spotlight. His story has been told in The Law of Moses. At the same time, I love it because we’re seeing Tag from another perspective. It is imperative to read The Law of Moses first to understand the story full and have a full introduction of David ‘Tag’ Taggert.

It’s another heartbreaking love story. Why can’t it be just a normal love story? I mean, there should still be hindrances like petty jealousies and love triangles. Why does everything have to be life and death? *sobs uncontrollably* Tag’s been through enough already and he couldn’t catch a break. He finally found the love of his life and life gets in the damned way. Millie also deserved her happy ending! That poor girl. *sigh* I guess that’s what makes this book so beautiful… how people find and fight for love in the worst of times.

Read: July 4, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars


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