TBR Lists…. what?

Confession: I never had a TBR List.

I tried it once so I can be organized and shit but I can’t follow through. I even tried the one where I will draw little paper stars in a jar to see which book to read. I still have it… in my top drawer collecting webs and dust.

Nothing really works.

I do have an enormous TBR Pile. At present, I have 301 books left unread and by tomorrow I’m sure it would grow again. Some of these books I’ve started but I can’t find the mojo to finish it. Either I find it boring or I’m not in the mood. But most of them, I haven’t even opened yet.

Another thing is that, there was a time that I was big on series. I still read series but I’ve read lots of standalones now. The problem with series is that it doesn’t only take a year for the next book to come, but sometimes it takes YEARS. There were times that I had a hard time recalling what happened to the previous books, so I have to reread again. It was fun rereading but its time consuming… I do have a life outside my books.

Why so many you ask?

I’ll give you three reasons.

If I loved a book, I try to get the rest of the books by that author. Even if that book is the first book I’ve read of that author. No matter what genre. It’s a habit I want to break because I don’t think I’m never gonna finish my TBR Pile.

Also, my group of friends consists of seven-and-a-half book worms (including me). We really are eight in the group, but one rarely reads so she’s the half. Anyway, so yeah, in that big of a group we can’t help but push encourage one another to read this book and that. It’s convenient when you need someone to fangirl with though.

Lastly, I just love books.

I don’t really know how to balance studying and reading. Just like during the 1st semester of S.Y. 2015-2016, I made a promise that I would only read books when they’re released. I could add books on my TBR Pile but I would read them during vacation. I lasted three months. Then I go back to reading anything and everything if I have a free time or in the public transportation or eating. Really, I’m that desperate to read. All this resulted to mediocre grades. *sigh*

Oh well. I just have to get it out. Too many thoughts, and trying to sleep…

Goodnight from the Philippines!

Good morning to the West!

xx Lovs


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