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Fire and Thorns Trilogy by Rae Carson


The Girl of Fire and Thorns Short Stories


The Shadow Cats (Fire and Thorns #0.5) follows Alodia’s trip to one of the neglected lands of their kingdom. I love how it shows Alodia’s true feelings for her sister. I’ve always love seeing a different perspective of the story. I like the story but I fail to see how this connects to Elisa’s journey. Sure we saw that she has potential for the future but majority of the novella centers on Alodia’s ability to be the future Queen.

The Shattered Mountain (Fire and Thorns #0.6) features Mara’s journey to safety after the Inviernos and animagus attacked their village. I truly love this story. It was so heartbreaking to read because we all know the fate of Mara’s love. However, it didn’t lessen the ache I felt once they’ve reached their destination. It was also rewarding to know more about Mara. When she later becomes one of Elisa’s ladies, she also became a background characters. It was surprising how much she has changed. She has overcome a lot and I’m actually pretty proud of her.

The King’s Guard (Fire and Thorns #0.7) shows a teenage Hector following the command of his King, where he learned of a secret he must keep for eternity. Hands down this is the best novella of the three. Not only because it features Hector my loves but also that big shocking revelation was so unexpected. Can you believe that I have finished the whole trilogy without doubting thatcharacter’s identity? Because I did. I truly believe that there’s nothing wrong with his/her parentage. I just love how loving and caring and thoughtful Hector is. He was truly the perfect Royal Guard

Read: December 30, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

The Girl of Fire and Thorns


“Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness.”

Sixteen-year-old Lucero-Elisa de Riqueza was God’s chosen for service. She’s been sheltered and provided for being the younger princess of Orovalle. Her normal days of visiting libraries, praying in monasteries and eating pastries were suddenly altered to her being married to the King of Joya d’Arena, Alejandro de Vega. She was supposed to be safe as a Queen, but even the forces of Joya d’Arena cannot stop the evil after her Godstone.

I love, love this new world of Rae Carson. It was so utterly different, it was so refreshing. I didn’t have any idea what will happen next because this book is just so mysteriously written, I didn’t see any clues at all! I love all the characters. They were all very important, so essential to helping Elisa grow and accomplish what needs to be accomplished. It was a sight to see her take her role as a Queen once she found the strength and courage to fight her insecurities and apprehensiveness.

I didn’t expect all the deaths that came in this book! Gah, seriously! All of the three major (for me) deaths that happened were so unexpected. The first one really made me sad because the story is just starting and Elisa already lost someone she truly cares about. She was immediately forced to face the reality of how extreme the enemies are willing to push things to get her and/or the Godstone. The second and third broke my heart alongside Elisa. I don’t know how she managed to survive and fight for her country as she dealt with their deaths. The other gone so swiftly while the other one was dying right before her eyes. I was waiting for a miracle to happen since she’s God’s chosen after all. I want a goddamn HEA! Huhubells.

I believe that seeing my love, the Royal Guard, survive is a great consolation, already… so I’m shutting up now. Rae Carson might change her mind on letting him live.

Read: December 28, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

The Crown of Embers


“She does not know what awaits her at the enemy’s gate.”

Saving the country from the Invierno and animagus seems to be not enough for the people of Joya d’Arena to accept the foreign Queen Lucero-Elisa. Being attacked by one on the day of her birthday in the middle of a parade didn’t help matters. Especially when one tried to take the Godstone from her flesh when she was visiting her husband’s tomb. Add the fact that her Royal Guard had to take an arrow meant for her inside the castle, Elisa no longer knows who to trust when the safe haven of the castle seemed to be suffocating her every breath. As she decides to gather more knowledge and power for her Godstone, Elisa must leave her country in disguised of marrying a conde form Selvarica.

This book has too much feeeeeeels! I’m finally given a chance to ship my shiiiiiip! Elisa and Hector!!! Wooooooooh!!! Sorry, I’m just so very excited to see them together. I felt like I was waiting for a very long time for them to wake up and admit their undying love for one another. I know this might be considered as spoiler for you readers, but I just can’t resist sharing the good news. I can’t for the life of me deprive you of something to look forward to.

Anyway, we have new characters to meet and I love them! I love Storm the most. I love how sarcastic he is. Even if he is one of the enemies, he’s just so hilarious! I don’t know why I find him so endearing when he tries anything but. *sigh* Can I just add that the full names of Inviernos are just so damn funny? I’m shaking with laughter, damn it!

I really love how Elisa keeps on changing. She may have made mistakes through her journey but in the end she’s proven the she’s the perfect Queen for Joya d’Arena. I also love the way she cares about Rosario. That poor, poor boy. *sigh* I love how she find it in heart to forgive certain people. She didn’t let her feelings factor when her people needed her to be rational about things. I feel sad for Elisa’s relationship with Ximena. The rift between them just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

And that bloody ending! Why must you do this? This is bloody torture. I can’t. Why is this happening to our dear characters? My ship is bloody sinking!!!!

Read: December 29, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

The Bitter Kingdom


The epic conclusion for Fire and Thorns brings us Elisa with her comrades in her journey to fulfill her destiny. Queen Elisa is now a fugitive hunted by her Kingdom after a usurper arises. Rescuing the man she loves. Getting her country back. Gathering as much knowledge as she can from the Inviernos. Completing her service as the bearer of the only living Godstone. And keeping all her love ones safe. All this Elisa must accomplish before all she ever have be truly lost.

Jesus, I can’t believe all that happened in this book. I feel like my head’s gonna explode any minute now. There are so many information that we need to grasp because history as we know it was changing. The things we’ve learned in the previous books are finally coming into light. I love the ever-changing atmosphere and emotions running through the pages. I really felt like I was on the adventure too.

I don’t think Storm would ever fail to make me laugh. Actually, pretty much all the Inviernos we’ve met had a potential to make me laugh just by saying their full name. I’m a little frustrated with Mara and Ben. I just wanted to kidnap those two and leave them in an island to get their shit sorted out. Don’t get me started on my ship. Sometimes I really want to smack Hector in the head (with love, of course) for being so pigheaded. They’ve survived so many things and he’s still playing hard to get. Lol. But I guess the story will play out at the right time.

“I have a plan.”

We’ve been hearing these four words since the first book. Every plan Elisa conjured was flawlessly executed with consequences in the end. I was actually expecting a HEA after Elisa said those four words. I was chilling, so very excited for Elisa and the crew while performing the plan and then boom! It was like a bomb went off in that book. I had to do a little backread because I can’t believe what I was seeing/reading. Foolish of me to think that a perfect happy ending for all our characters. But I loved it all the same!

Read: December 30, 2015
Rating: 4.5 Stars


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