Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Infinity + One by Amy Harmon

Infinity + One


Another Amy Harmon novel?

That would surely make me fall in love at the same time break my heart into million pieces?

Sign me up for that!

Bonnie and Clyde (Finn) didn’t exactly meet in normal circumstances. I mean, what perfect love story ever did right? Two people who couldn’t be any different were somewhat thrown by fate to spend time together. Bonnie was struggling everyday to not end her life. While Clyde (Finn) was learning how to live his life meaningfully. Could two different people save each other?

“What’s infinity plus one?” I interrupted Katy, asking Finn my own question.
“It’s still infinity,” Finn said, sighing.
“Wrong. It’s two.”
“Oh yeah? How do you figure?”
I pointed at Finn and said, “Infinity.” Then I pointed at myself and said, “Plus one. That’s two, genius.”
“I really wish I hadn’t told you my name.”
“Ha. Gotcha! You think you’re so good at math, but I just stumped you.”

I love, love this book so much! Maybe it’s because of Finn. Maybe it’s because this is one of the greatest love story I’ve ever read. But all the talk about mathematics just gave me bookgasm. Every. Damn. Time. I love math, people! Okay? All those talks about theorems, rational numbers….

Like I was saying, I don’t care what other people says but this book is one of my best reads of 2015. Seriously, this book is just so beautifully, so cleverly written. It actually made me sad to finish this book because I want more! I know it’s useless to beg for a novella or a short story but I’m begging nonetheless! I am not yet ready to part with Bonnie and Clyde. Did they have kids? Actually, that’s pretty much what I wanted to know. It would’ve been a sight for sore eyes so see Finn being a father… holding a little bundle of joy in his hands… *swoon*

Read: December 28, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars


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