Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Angels of Moirai by Nicole Salmond





Lila Kingston was your average eighteen-year-old senior who couldn’t wait to graduate and get the hell out of her parent’s claws. She refused the career path they’re trying to shove down her throat. She refused every material thing they forced on her because every rich family had it. The only thing preventing her from running off and never look back was her little sister, Hayley. She would never leave her little sister behind. Three weeks before graduation shouldn’t have made so much difference right? Little did Lila know that meeting the elusive James Taylor would change her life irrevocably as she knows it.

It is no secret that I love books that involves all kinds of angels… which prompted me to read Angels of Moirai. And I loved it! I love it so much! I love that Lila wasn’t your ordinary female heroine that is so damn naïve despite knowing the truth. She has a very strong personality and it makes me admire her more. The way she takes care and loves Hayley, being a good friend to Jackie and loving James… *sigh* Add it to the fact that her parents are complete assholes, I don’t know how she balanced it. I don’t know where she found the strength to still be happy. It is rare for me to love the female lead in a book, so me loving Lila makes this book worth the read. I love James too but he had very serious competition with some of my angels/fallen angels book boyfies. He had some faults which turned me off but the way he loves Lila is just swoon.

I can’t believe that twist in the end.

I saw it coming when that character turned out to be the bad guy. But I didn’t expect that kind of ending! It’s a very OMG moment. I thought Lila was gonna be like James and they’ll live HEA but I was so, so wrong. I was so way off! I read the ending twice because I really couldn’t believe my eyes. Gah, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

What I found a little lacking on this book is the history on the Angels of Moirai. Whenever I read an angel/fallen angels book, I always learn something new: a fact, myth or legend. Sadly, the Moirai were a bit of a common knowledge already… I think. Anyway, it was only tweaked a bit so score for originality.  Also, we only met one like James, which is douchey Mark. I’m kind of expecting more of them because it makes things more interesting. Like having more players, more moves, more destinies in the game. Well, I hope to meet some more in the next book!

Read: January 9, 2016
Rating: 4.5 Stars



Check out the synopsis from Goodreads.


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