Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Trylle by Amanda Hocking




Wendy Everly was only a child when her mother tried to kill her saying she’s a monster. Almost a decade has passed but time seemed to prove that Wendy is not a human all together. With the arrival of Finn Holmes came the staggering truth of Wendy’s past and possibly her future. Join Wendy in her adventure of discovering a new world hidden in the depths of the forest.

I absolutely adore this new world that Amanda Hocking introduced to us. This is my first encounter to this type of creatures. I love the Trylle world. I love Finn. Oh, Finn my loves. He is totally gorgeous and perfect and amazing! I had such a fun time with Rhys too! He’s just so adorable. I’m also crushing on Tove too. Gah, I’m such a bookslut. Anyway, this book lacks the heroine’s spirit. I don’t think she was a very strong character here in the first book because she didn’t really made an impression on me. I didn’t like her but I didn’t hate her either. I’m excited to see her grow and be the leader she ought to be for the Trylle.

Read: August 17, 2013

Rating: 3 Stars



As Wendy fails to grasp the whole new world and identity given to her, she came running home to her human family. Little did she know that trouble will follow the Princess of Trylle everywhere. Being kept captive by the Vittra was never a part of the plan but it gave her an idea what kind of monster her father is. As part of hew duty to the people of Trylle, she must marry a royal thus abandoning whatever she felt for her bodyguard Finn Holmes… and her mixed emotion from the prince of Vittra, Loki Staad. Will Wendy be able keep her head held high as a princess as she decides which one to follow: her head or heart?

The feels of this book! My golly, my feels! I don’t think Amanda Hocking would fail to make us swoon with Finn and Tove and Loki. *sigh* It’s like having your own slice of heaven. I am loving this Loki so much, even if you’re on Team Evil. (Sorry, baby Finn!) Oh, and Wendy! She really did grew up. I love how she finally embraced and accepted her new self. She stumbled every now and then but it was nothing like in the previous book. In the end, she made the right decision for the betterment of her world. Go girl!

I love the ending. Gah! It was so perfect, even if it’s such a cliffhanger! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the third and final book of this trilogy! I admit that I didn’t expect to love this trilogy so much because I don’t really know much about trolls except the ugly kind. Anyway, Torn sealed the deal for making it to my fave series/trilogy!

Read: August 18, 2013

Rating: 4 Stars



The final conclusion for the Trylle is finally here! What Amanda Hocking has store for us?

  • Upcoming royal nuptials.
  • Multiple painful, gut-wrenching deaths.
  • Conflicting emotions.
  • Broken hearts.
  • And, a little bundle of joy!

I didn’t really expect three of the major happenings in this book. Really, it was like walking blind in a room full of broken glass. It freaking hurts! I didn’t expect for that character to lose himself. I didn’t expect that character to get his heart broken like that, even if he’s not my ship anymore. I didn’t expect that character to die. Well, there were signs but I was naïve, I was hoping for a happy ending because things are finally great. Alas, it was not meant to be.

This book is a mixed package of laughter and tears, but more on the tears side… both happy and sad tears. I really wanted to give this book a perfect five star rating but the execution of the climax was so-so. All Wendy’s preparation for the final battle turns out to be useless in the end. So it made me think that she could’ve been doing something else instead of wasting her time, which would’ve been more productive. But that’s just me; I would love her to just spend more time with Loki. *giggles* The perfect ending salvaged this trilogy from that epic fail battle, once again. I didn’t expect that, but it is a happy surprise. Wendy didn’t just got her HEA but also Willa, Rhys, Tove, Finn and Loki. It was resting to say goodbye to this trilogy knowing that the characters are more than fine, they’re happy.

Read: August 18, 2013

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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