Contemporary Romance, New Adult

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

November 9

November 9

Fallon O’Neil met Ben Kessler the day she’s leaving for New York. A stranger she felt deep connection with. A stranger that made difference to who she was that fateful night. A stranger she agreed to meet a year later at the same day, at the same restaurant they first met and every year after that with no contact what so ever in between for five years. Could the heart be taught not to fall in love? Could the heart handle a secret buried so deep it would hurt to extract it? Could Fallon and Ben find their way to each other on November 9?

I heard of November 9’s synopsis thru Colleen Hoover’s mouth at the #CTCinPH last September of this year. To say that I was intrigue was an understatement. I had goose bumps, people, goose bumps! I was so very excited for this book to come out at the same time I was apprehensive because I don’t think I would ever be ready to have my heart ripped out again by the evil works of Colleen Hoover. Remember Confess? Yeah, I was so not over that one. However, as I was reading teasers left and right for the past weeks I guess I’ve prepared myself for a sob-worthy book…


WRONG! I was so not ready. I can’t tell you which November 9 was the most heart breaking scene of all because I don’t want to warn you. I want you to feel the same soul shattering emotions I felt. *insert evil laugh* Kidding, just kidding. But seriously, I don’t want to mess up a perfectly good book by hinting a few details here and there. Still, it’s not all crying that happens in this book! You’ll smile and laugh and hope like everybody else to fall in love! I actually learn a new word in this book. I don’t know if it’s been known for some time now but I genuinely just learned it from this book!


“Yeah. When a hot guy talks books with a girl. It’s like sexting, but out loud and with books instead of sex. Nor does it have to do with texts…”

See? It’s very educational. Lol.

If this is such a good book why didn’t you give it 5 STARS?

I had my reasons. First, I don’t think I fell in love with Ben or Fallon. I guess I fell in love with the circumstance life forced them into. And that makes them not very strong characters for me, for them not to touch my blackened heart and soul. Second, the plot twist reminds of another book published years ago. A part of me was not overly surprised by the big secret and that kinda dampens with my feels. Last, I think it finished so fast. One minute Fallon was being bombarded with so much clarity and the next we’re at the last page. Personally, a fast-paced happily ever after is a no go. It makes me say “I want more”, and not in a good way. I want more because this could not be the happy ending we’ve been waiting for. I felt like I lost a couple of pages along the way.

There you go…

November 9’s been out for awhile now. Get your copy because you don’t wanna miss out on one of the most anticipated books of 2015.

Spoiler favorite quote:

“Please. Not again. We can’t make it through this if you walk away again.”

“You didn’t give me a choice this time, Ben. You showed up in love with someone else. You share another woman’s bed. Your hands touch someone who isn’t me. Your lips make promises against skin that isn’t mine. And no matter who is at fault for that, whether it’s mine for walking away last year or yours for not knowing I did it for your own good, none of it changes things. It is what it is.”

Read: November 14, 2015

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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