Contemporary Romance, New Adult

F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

F*ck Love



All is well in Helena’s world before a dream distorted her view of present and future. A dream of being in love and married to a guy who wasn’t her boyfriend. A guy who was her best friend’s current boyfriend. It should’ve been so easy to set aside the dream as nothing but the taste of the dream was so real, Helena couldn’t let it go.

“To fall in love with a boy is one thing, but to fall in love with your best friend’s boy because of a dream is… well, I’m fucked.”

First off, I want to say the I love Tarynn Fisher’s love for HP. Seriously, I think I had a bookgasm every time there’s a HP reference. And have I told you the chapter titles? They are so clever, so funny, so goddamn witty! I don’t think I can help falling for Kit Isley too. There really is something with that guy that is bound to be irresistible from the start. I am not expecting Helena’s character. I was actually expecting a bad-ass with a strong attitude that takes no for an answer. Instead, she was the shadow to her best friend’s spotlight. She was the awkward one. So I figured there will be growing up involved, and boy did she take the long way.

I am not a fan of cheating. Who is right? That’s why I’m a little apprehensive reading and reviewing this book because of Helena’s precarious situation. This is not my first rodeo on love triangles with cheating (possibly) involved, but it didn’t took the edge at all. I really, really wanted to give this a five-star rating but it felt like Helena dragged the whole book a bit more that necessary. She did lots and lots of soul-searching when she could’ve had Kit sooner rather than later. I was also a bit frustrated to Kit for not manning-up and profess his undying love for Helena already! Gah, it reached to the point that I want to grab them off the book and just meld them together against their will… well I don’t think they’ll protest much. My point is, we could’ve been living in a more HEA zone than my-heart-is-fucking-breaking-apart-stop-it-already zone but I guess it defeats Tarryn’s goal of making us suffer.

Read: January 7, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars


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