Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens



One of 2015’s most anticipated book is hereeeeeee!!!

Thoughtful is reading Thoughtless through Kellan’s eyes. Readers are always curious as to how our ultimate book boyfriend live their lives while our heroine constantly struggles with insecurities and the like. In the surface, Kellan Kyle has it all. Girls want to be with him and guys want to be like him. As all cliché goes, nobody’s perfect.

I personally did not like Kiera in the first installment of the series. And that dislike probably made me love this book so much. A lot of people did not like how mean Kellan seemed to be to Kiera but come on! It was justified! He was insanely jealous and hurt and betrayed again and again by the woman he loves! He was being jerked around! All he wants is some love.

(Warning: Spoiler coming if you haven’t finished the trilogy.)

This book made me cry so much, especially the new scenes featuring Kellan at his worst. I also love how this book showed the deep connection between the D-Bags. At first glance in Thoughtless, you wouldn’t believe how close these guys really are because all that was shown to us were jokes and laughters. I know that Kellan made serious mistakes also that are not at all reasonable, but like I said, nobody’s perfect. By the end of the book, I kinda wish Kellan didn’t end up with Kiera. Then again, I remember how beautiful Effortless and Reckless turned out to be and baby Ryder was not a little consolation! Wishing for more Kellan’s POV!

Read: March 2, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars


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