Contemporary Romance, Erotica, New Adult

The Other Man by R.K. Lilley

The Other Man

The Other Man


Forty year old divorcee, Lourdes met twenty-three year old Heath. The fact that Heath is too young for her didn’t faze her from accepting his offer to bed. Nor was fact that he’s dangerous. One afternoon delight turned to days, then weeks, and soon Lourdes found herself waiting for Heath to warm her bed. Lourdes’ mistake was entering into a relationship with a man she doesn’t know. A man hiding secrets that will break them emotionally and physically.

We’ve met Heath in The Wild Side Trilogy and now we’re given a full length novel just for him!!! I don’t honestly care whoever he ends up with, I just want him! I was so, so excited for this book, and it didn’t disappoint! Huhubells, it was so passionately written, I can feel the words come alive. Seriously, it’s that good. I can feel every raw emotion, especially coming from Heath. I love him so much! There were times that I want to shake Lourdes for hurting him (though it was not her intention to do so).

P.S. This can be read as a standalone. However, if you’re planning on reading The Wild Side, this book will contain major spoilers regarding the series.

Read: May 29, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars


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