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Fallen Series by Lauren Kate




“What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?”

Lucinda Price was send to Swords & Cross reform school after her boyfriend mysterious burned to death. Luce suspected that the ‘shadows’ that have been hunting her all her life was the key. She tries to seek answers with her sidekick Penn Van Syckle Lockwood. Until she found herself caught in a twisted love triangle between Daniel Grigori and Cameron Briel. Until she found out the big secret their hiding. Until her life was put at risk. Will Lucinda Price finally choose the right choice to end a war started eons ago?

I absolutely love this book!!! Even if there were dull parts, I can still feel the feeeeeeeeels!!! The only other angel-related book I’ve read was Hush Hush Saga, and I was glad that this was so different from it! You can’t help but fall in love with our characters not just because they are deliciously gorgeous but also sooooo romantically sweet. I, for one, am the number one fan of Cam. He had his moments but I don’t care, I love him so. Arriane is unbelievable funny too. She kept the show running! And lastly, the love story between our characters were so intrinsically woven that you can’t help but read the rest of the series!

Read: March 2010

Rating: 5 Stars



Luce and Daniel are baaaaack!!! After learning the truth about angels and demons on earth, Luce was forced to relocate in a special school for Nephilim students. Nephilims are half-angel half-human. Luce was able to form new ties and learn more about her history. Her and Daniel’s greatest love story of all time. She learned that the ‘shadows’ could be manipulated into looking into her past. At the same time, Daniel and the gang exhaust all their resources into eliminating all threats against Luce. Because if they succeeded in killing Luce, she wouldn’t be able to resurrect again. Will Luce’s past help or break her fledgling relationship with Daniel? Was Daniel truly the one for her? Or was she meant for someone else?

I was slightly disappointed with this book. I feel like it’s a pattern for series that there will be a conflict between the main characters in the second book (like Twilight and Hush Hush just to name a few). I was a little irritated with Luce too. She’s such a bitch to Daniel! Poor, poor Daniel, let me give you some love. Mwa! Anyway, this sequel will give us more insight regarding the history of the angel world. We’ll be able to meet new characters that we will absolutely love! I guess that’s one of main reasons why I rated this a three instead of a two-point-five.

Read: August 2010

Rating: 3 Stars



“What if you find your soul mate… at the wrong time?”

Torment sure was a huge cliff-hanger!!! I was so very excited for this book, and I loved it! Luce was determined to change the ending of the greatest love story of all time. She was determined to find the key through her past selves that will save her from dying and Daniel from being left broken and alone once again. Or possibly forever. Daniel and the gang tried to catch Luce before she does something that will make their entire past, present and future go up into flames. Will Luce find the answers to the questions that have been left unanswered? Will Luce and Daniel’s love withstand anything and everything that fate would continue to thrown at them?

I had fun riding alongside Luce as she went through different lifetimes. We were able to learn more about our angelic and demonic friends. It was like opening a can of worms. There were so many questions and intriguing ideas and theories that can be formed as to why Arriane had that scar on her neck, why Cam joined the demon forces, why Roland stayed on the evil side and a lot more! This book was worth the wait and worth the read. It was actually a little short for my liking, hence the four stars. I want more! I love seeing Luce and Daniel fall in love all over again. And it was heartbreaking witnessing them losing one another all over again. This series would never fail to make your heart hurt so bad, it’s not even funny.

Read: October 2011

Rating: 4 Stars

Fallen in Love


This novella happened during the adventures of our characters’ race against time to catch Luce. Miles and Shelby, Roland, Arriane and Luce and Daniel were able to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Middle Ages. We’ll be able to see how Miles and Shelby came to accept the attraction between them. A short glimpse of Roland’s past love life was also included. The story of how Arriane got her scar was told right before Valentine’s Day. Finally, Luce and Daniel was given a Valentine’s Day that they would never forget.

I honestly don’t know what to feel after reading this novel. I was okay while reading Miles and Shelby’s story, and then when Roland’s story came, I was like awwwww. It made me tear up a bit actually. Especially that part with Cam! These two tortured demons just makes me want to hug them. Add Arriane’s heartbreaking story to the mix and I’m a cry baby.

Read: May 30, 2013

Rating: 4 Stars



Fallen series’ final installment is here! Ohmigod, ohmigod!!! So who would you choose for Luce to be with? Daniel or Cam? Or can I just have Cam for myself? Lol. But seriously, can I?

Rapture continues our heroes’ and heroines’ adventure to stop Lucifer from wiping out their entire history from the day of the Fall. Which basically means erasing thousands of lifetimes of Luce and Daniel together, however short may that be. Our angels and demons will stop at nothing to ensure Luce’s present day self to retain all she learned from visiting her past lives in Passion. Alliance will be formed. Lives will be lost. Hearts will be broken. And the balance scale is still tipping.

This is the best love story I’ve read (so far). The best. Others may not agree with me, but I don’t care. For me, this is a perfect ending for Luce and Daniel. After all they’ve been through, lifetimes upon lifetimes of finding and losing each other, they had the chance. Absolutely love the last chapter. And, did you recognize the guy at the laundry room? I was like awwww. Is it weird that I felt a certain sympathy for him? Yes? (I don’t caaaare, I love it!)


Okay, I’m done with the drama so I leave you with this tidbit from Rapture:

“I’m afraid.”

“What did I tell you?”

“That you will always find me.”

“Yes. Always. No matter what.”

Read: February 20, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars



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