Young Adult

Cross My Heart Duet by Katie Klein


Cross My Heart


It was a scorching summer day and I was just scrolling through my e-books when I came across Cross My Heart. The cover is cute and the number of pages is okay, so I gave it a go. Fortunately, I wasn’t in a mood for fantasy or sci-fi.

The story revolves around Jaden McEntyre, your classic straight A-student and does nothing bad, and was partnered with the school’s nobody, Parker Whalen, for an English project. Parker isn’t who Jaden thought he was and vice versa. They level up from tolerating one another to actually liking one another. The deal breaker? Jaden has a boyfriend. Parker has a lot of skeleton in his closet.

“When you love someone you love them. And every day you sit back pretending that you don’t is one less day you have with him.”

Really, how deep this guy can be? Didn’t you just swoon? That’s Parker Whalen for you. This guy really gives good advice. Men should read this book. I really thought that this would be your usual good girl fell in love with bad boy. I’m actually glad that it was so much more! I was broken too when Parker’s secrets were revealed. It was shocking but it made a lot of sense. I love what Parker did in the last few chapters. He’s so perfect. *sigh* However, I can’t really get Jaden’s relationship with her father. It was so sad because I was a daddy’s girl, so yeah. I felt bereft but I understand that it Read: May seem wrong that Jaden will have everything she wanted in the end. In reality, you can’t have everything you wanted no matter how hard you tried to work for it.

P.S. This book makes me want to read Ethan Frome. See how influencing this book is? It’s that good.

Read: June 12, 2014

Rating: 5 Stars

Collateral Damage


I had a hard time finding this book, so it took a while to post a review. I’m having mixed feelings for this book. I liked the first one better, hence the four stars.

I really thought everything is out in the open when Parker’s secrets were revealed, but boy was I wrong. I had my mind made up that Parker really is one of the “perfect but not perfect” guy. His actions and lies in Cross My Heart can be overlooked because it was justifiable. However, I don’t really like the idea that we were deceived to know who Parker really is in the first book. It was so Ethan Frome actually. This book showed the Parker before and whenever he’s not with Jaden.

I really have strong aversion to cheating. Well who doesn’t? It doesn’t matter whether you acted on it or not, but I think the simple fact that you had feelings for another person, is in fact cheating. Ending things are pretty simple no matter how long you’ve been together, I think. It’s just unfair to be with someone when they don’t deserve not having their feelings reciprocated.

I actually love books written in the guy’s POV because it was shown how men see women. Or how the authors think men thinks. Anyway, it’s fun having a glimpse whatever’s happening in a guy’s mind. I have a hard time understanding Parker here, because I feel like he’s a two person. Parker with Jaden and Parker without Jaden. His two personalities are contradicting. He’s a dynamic character.

“Because love is unpredictable. Love has the worst possible timing. Love takes no prisoners. You fall and it’s over. And if it doesn’t work out…it’s still over.”

I like this quote because Parker already man-up and do the right thing. If this book wasn’t written, I would’ve demanded even just the part at the hospital. And it didn’t disappoint! It was everything I thought it would be! Yeah, I know. I’m such a bitch for wanting to see Parker so broken, but he deserved it! Jaden’s decision truly helped their relationship to be stronger someday.

I love the ending and I want more. It was so sweet and it helps me understand more what happened in the last chapter of the previous book.

P.S. Thank you Katie Klein for bringing Christopher Parker Whalen into our minds.

Read: June 14, 2014

Rating: 4 Stars


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