Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Runaway Train by Katie Ashley


Music of the Heart


Runaway Train’s lead singer, Jake Slater meets Abby Renard the future-new-lead singer for Jacob’s Ladder. Jake’s your regular rock star–emotionally wreck and all. Abby on the other hand is a goody-doer. So of course, it’s very predictable what will happen when Abby accidently fell into Jake’s bed. Literally. However, the road was rocky for the two of them. Has Jake finally met his match with sweet, virginal Abby Renard?

I really want to give this book five stars, but the drama left and right is a little too much for my liking. I really, really love Jake but he can be a serious jerk sometimes. I have a little trouble trying to offset his jerkiness from his sweetness and romantic tendencies. I also like Abby. Throughout the story, she never let anyone walk all over her and I loved it! I was used to reading books where the heroine just sucks it up because the hero will eventually apologize. But Abby really did stand up for herself.

Read: July 27, 2013

Rating: 4 Stars

Beat of the Heart


Four point five shining stars for AJ and Mia!

This two will not only leave you smiling and blushing for being mushy with each other, but also hot and bothered for all the sex scenes they have. That limousine teaser of theirs? That is nothing to what else they did in the whole book.

Humor and romance aside, Mia Martinelli got some serious baggage: a cheating fiancé and an abusive ex-boyfriend. And of course our hottie have to get past all of that, yada, yada, yada.

“We all have our pasts and baggage, Mimi. It’s our decision whether they fuck with our future.”

This quote was said to Mia/Mimi by her best friend, Dee. He’s another character you’ll be having lots and lots of fun with! He totally nailed it! You’ll be seeing more of Abby and Jake, of course. After reading Thoughtless Trilogy, Sheet Music and Music of the Heart, I learned that being a girl of a rock star is difficult. You have to squash down your insecurities to all the women and gamble your trust and heart. In love, you’ve got to take all risk there is.

Read: October 20, 2013

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Music of the Soul


Five stars for our favorite rock stars!!!!

Jake and Abby are back with this new novella that will feature their upcoming wedding, honeymoon and more dramas!

This story is so beautiful you will cry. Your heart is made of steel if this story wouldn’t make you tear up even if a little bit. Just kidding, but really this novella is so heartbreakingly good. Jake and Abby proved yet again that they could withstand anything life throws at them. At first, I thought this book would bore me because I was expecting a domesticated Jake Slater and I cannot imagine him like that. So, I was so very happy that he was still in his usual assholiness. We would also be given a glimpse on how parenthood suits AJ and Mia and a little clue on Rhy’s book!

Read: January 5, 2014

Rating: 5 Stars

Strings of the Heart


One of the most anticipated books of 2014 is here!!!

All Runaway Train fans have been waiting for this book since day one of meeting Rhys McGowan. Add it to the fact that his potential love interest is none other than his band mate’s little sister, Allison Slater. One night spent together changed the fundamentals of their should-be-platonic relationship. Rhys was tested yet again when Allison joined the tour for her fashion design internship. Will Rhys finally have the guts to own his true feelings? Will Allison continue to love Rhys at all cost? Will this be the end?

I was so very, very excited with this book. I was Rhys’ number fan. Then, I read this book. And I was so very, very disappointed. Rhys came off as a major asshole. He was worse than Jake!!! I really thought he was the sweet one. It was like he was a different person from the Rhys in the past books. And Allison is no better! She’s worse than a doormat. I was so very hurting for her, but she wouldn’t do a damn thing to fight for herself. Although, she did grew a backbone in the end but I feel like it was written hurriedly. The pacing of the story at the beginning is really slow, then so fast. My golly, I seriously can’t stand to read this for a second time.

Read: May 16, 2014

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Melody of the Heart


A novella dedicated for the last member of Runaway Train is here! This features how Brayden Vanderburg came to be Lily Gregson’s husband, Runaway Train’s guitarist and father of two adorable kids. This would be like Rhy’s book where we would be going back to the past as we recount how Brayden Vanderburg became the Brayden Vanderburg of Runaway Train. Grab your copy for the conclusion of the series!

I’m not really overexcited about this book. I found Brayden pretty boring in the past books but I was curious to his story. It was hinted in Music of the Heart (I think) that Brayden and Lily had a fall out before. So, I’m really into that shit. There was also a big revelation that shocked me so so much. I didn’t find any clue in the previous books to brace me for this! I loved it! I really wanted to give this a five stars but I think the making-up part was too easy for me. Nonetheless, this book is too good to pass up!

Read: October 13, 2014

Rating: 4 Stars


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