Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I’ll Give You the Sun


They were twins. A girl and a boy. Jude and Noah. They were thick as thieves. Until one day…

A terrible secret tore them apart.

A horrible accident tore them apart.

An innocent boy tore them apart.

Three years later, nothing was ever the same. Jude was struggling to excel on her art to prove herself worthy for being accepted in a prestigious art school. Noah was drowning from the pain and guilt of secrets and lies buried years ago. The same secret that tore them apart may be the only salvation Jude and Noah can get.

I’ll Give You the Sun is one of the heartbreaking stories I’ve ever read. It is not only a story of first love and heart ache but also of family and friendship, and betrayal and loss. I don’t know how many tears I’ve shed because this book seriously is so heavy with drama. Even if I can’t relate with some of their problems, because I haven’t encountered them yet, I can still feel the same intense feelings that pour out of those pages. I feel for Jude and Noah. Those two were just caught up with their love one’s drama that eventually changed their lives for better and worse.

Of course it’s not all drama in our characters’ lives. There were laughters shared and love spread. Especially when we meet Brian, Oscar and Guillermo. I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen in love in this book but I know for sure that each one was like the first and it couldn’t be any better.

Favorite quote:

“And the right thing is turning our backs on what might be the love story of our lives? The right thing is denying destiny, denying all the forces that have conspired to bring us together, forces that have been at work for years now? No way.”

Read: September 27, 2014

Rating: 5 Stars


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