Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Today’s New Releases

Happily Ever Ninja (KiTC #5) by Penny Reid


The Knitters are baaaaaaaack!

We’ll finally know the story behind Fiona’s ninja skills and of course, her love life Greg is along for the ride. I really can’t wait to dig my claws into these two. I imagine that it would be different from the previous books since we’ll be going back in time. Gah, don’t forget to grab your copy… and needles!

Defenseless by Corinne Michael


I devoured Corinne Michael’s books last year so I’m very excited to read this one too! The synopsis is epic. It was so mysterious that it only added to my curiosity to what’s this about. Grab your copy and find out what great love story is between the pages!

Appealed (LB #3) by Emma Chase



This will be Brent’s story! I can’t wait to see him fall in love and fuck it all up and make up to his lady love. That’s always the pattern huh? But what makes it different is the different personalities of the characters. The jokes will be damned hilarious, you might pee your pants. And the love story itself will leave you smiling and crying at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Grab Brent Appealed now!


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