Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Hopeless Duet by Colleen Hoover





Linden Sky Davis, or just plain Sky, meets town’s resident bad boy Dean Holder, or just plain Holder. After meeting in the most peculiar way, fate seems to be hurling Sky and Dean together. From being jogging buddies to being friends to being possible lovers? This is not your regular bad boy meets ‘new’ girl story. This story will make you laugh so hard you can cry and will make you cry so hard you can hardly laugh. This is a story of how two teenagers learn how to see the bright side of the consequences their past threw at them.

Sky and Holder. Holder and Sky. *sigh* These two seriously made me bawl like a baby. It’s just so heart breaking. I can’t stand to read it for a second time because my heart starts beating fast whenever I thought of that shit. And I get scared. I feel like crying over again. Ohmigod. But this is the heart breaking story that is so good you had to read it and fucking finish it.

Read: January 22, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars

Losing Hope


I was so excited to see Hopeless in Holder’s eyes. There were things unsaid that I’m particularly curious with. We’ll be given a chance to see Dean and Holder. We’ll be given a chance to see a bit of Lissa through Holder. And we’ll be given a chance to get more of our beloved characters. I don’t think anyone was ready to say goodbye to these characters in Hopeless. I know I’m not. I know that I want more. I need more of them. And here it is!!!

This book is a gut-wrenching, sob worthy story. It hurts so bad. Oh my god, I can’t. Poor Holder, poor poor Holder. I want to hug him through the whole novel. Why must you punish us like this Ms. Hoover, why??? The only consolation we got is the ‘falling in love stage’ and the ending, I think. I was tip-toeing along the chapters because I know what’s going to happen already, but my heart is still pounding. This book is that good people, you hear me? One of the must read!!!

Read: July 5, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars

Finding Cinderella


*sigh* It’s official. These two are the most adorable couple ever. I want more of Daniel and Six! Ms. Colleen Hoover, pretty please? MORE? *epic puppy dog eyes*

I love how blunt and straight forward Six is, (too bad we don’t have her much in Hopeless and Losing Hope). And Daniel is too funny throwing off inappropriate nicknames! But I think they’ve fallen in love way too fast even if they have some kind of a connection already. I didn’t have any idea that it would be a guy’s POV, so I can’t help but fall in love with Daniel also. Reading it from a guy’s POV, I can’t help but hope for my own Prince Charming.

I was really concluding a different ending for this novella when the big secret was revealed. The ending is heartbreaking at the same time heartwarming. I really hope Ms. Hoover will consider giving these two a long story… or perhaps a book or two? *fingers crossed*

Read: October 16, 2013

Rating: 4 Stars


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