Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything

This is a story of a girl named Maddie, who was allergic to the world. She was safe under the protected environment of her well sterilized house… until Olly moved next door. With Olly came her desire to see the world, to explore possibilities and to have Olly in her life. Permanently, not just some temporary fixture in her monotonous life. How will Maddie balance her desire to live her life over the reality of her sickness? Is she selfish enough to want it all no matter how much the cost? Or will she continue surviving the life she never wanted?

This is the kind of book that will make you stay up all night. You would not want to put this book down after picking it up. Everything, Everything would not just make you smile and laugh and cry but also think through the endless possibilities of the future ahead for Maddie and Olly. I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed the big reveal near the end, but I guess I’m living on denial. I still can’t believe it up until now. But I guess it’s true that we do crazy thing for the people we love. Aaaaand, I guess I’ve said enough as to not spoil you guys… but this book is truly beautiful. There would be loads of feels involved since Maddie and Olly’s interaction were mostly hilarious but totally feel-worthy. Grab your copy and join the crowd as you learn what’s the hype all about!

Read: September 20, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars


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