Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Fall Away Series by Penelope Douglas




Meet Tatum Brandt. You can call her Tate. Tate was given an opportunity to study abroad for a year, and it’s an opportunity she’s not willing to pass up. She might have done everything just to get away from her past-best friend, now-nemesis Jared Trent. Jared lives to make Tate’s life a miserable hell in high school, but after a year gone by will they still dance this cat and mouse chase? Will Tate finally have the long-awaited explanation of after being best friends for years, Jared suddenly hated her guts? Will Jared share his secrets and demons? Or would they graduate regretting letting each other go?

Bully. Never thought I’d fall in love with a bully. I love love Jared so much! He’s so broody and intense and I love it! I love that underneath that alpha-macho male tough exterior, he’s really a romantic. Even though sometimes I want to smack him upside on the head (with love, of course) for being so mean, I can’t! Because on the other side, he can be incredibly sweet too. And I love how Tate changed. I love that she was never a doormat no matter how aggressive, how dominant, how bossy Jared maybe. This story gave me so much kilig (that’s a Filipino word, google it) factor and I read it over and over again!

Read: October 30, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars

Until You


“I can’t change the past, Tate. I wish I could, because I’d go back and relive every day that I existed without you, and I’d make sure that you smiled.”







I was so very excited for this book just like everybody else who loved Jared Bully. This book is not a retelling of Bully in Jared’s eyes. This is Jared’s story. Jared’s story of the hauntingly summer that changed everything. Jared’s story of the thriving love-hate-story of him and Tate. Jared’s story is Until You.

I was expecting so much from this book and it didn’t disappoint! Penelope Douglas was able to give us Jared in his most open and vulnerable form. The fact that it didn’t lessen his level of hotness and badassness was a big bonus! I love how it showed that Jared’s world truly revolved around Tate. It was executed perfectly. I was really in awe during and after reading this book. Not all authors were able to tell a story in a different perspective in a good way. In giving us Jared’s point of view, we we’re able to spend time with Madoc also. And I was delighted to learn that Madoc will have his own story with Rival out next year! Watch out because these boys will not fall short to make you head over heels.

Read: December 11, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars



We’ve met Madoc in Bully and Until You as Jared’s best friend. Now he’s back to share his story. A story of a dysfunctional family. A story with an evil bitch stepmom. A story with his girl. A story with a compellingly heartbreaking past. Read on as Madoc fought tooth and nail for what was rightfully his…

I had high expectations from this book because of the wonderful teasers and also because of the past two books. It didn’t really reach my expectations, but I loved it nonetheless!!! I was truly excited for this book because Madoc was such a hilarious character and I’m curious to see his other side, the side that he could be serious when it comes to the matters of the heart. I was also fired up to meet Fallon. The mysterious girl who could bring Madoc to his knees. The girl who was tattoed at Madoc’s back.

Read: September 4, 2014

Rating: 4 Stars

Falling Away


Jaxon Trent is hereee!!!

Falling Away was one of the most anticipated books of 2015.

K.C. Carter is not just Tate’s best friend. She’s not the girl we thought she is. She’s a girl with a broken past, living a shadow of herself. The façade that she’s a goody two shoes who avoids Jaxon Trent at all cost was just that, a façade. Jaxon Trent is not just Jared’s handsome, trouble stirring brother. He made sacrifices for our beloved characters for them to find their happy ending. He had his own scars from his past, and will K.C. be the girl who heals these emotional scars? Will Jax be the one to finally bring K.C. into life?

I was so very excited for this book because Jax is just ASDFGHJKL. I love him so. (Don’t worry Jared, I’m still your biggest fan!) Sadly, this book just didn’t do it for me. I had reservations while reading this book and I really tried to understand our dear characters but I truly can’t. The saving grace that made me rate this a three-point-five instead of a flat three is the issue between Jared and Tate. Those two really stole the thunder from Jax and K.C. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but for me it is because it made me finish the book.

Read: January 9, 2015

Rating: 3.5 Stars




Jared went off in a quest to find himself. In doing so, he left his own heart behind. A broken shattered heart. He made a life for himself as a famous racer for two years. And now he’s ready to come home but everything had changed. Tate was no longer the girl she was. The games had changed and Jared must adjust to get back on track on claiming his girl.

“I’m not waiting for you anymore.”

Penelope Douglas destroyed our hearts after delivering that bit on Falling Away. I was kind of expecting it but I didn’t realize it was gonna hurt so bad. I admit I cried. I hurt for Jared and Tate. We waited for almost three months for this novella and I had so much speculation for what will happen I thought my brain was gonna explode. I was sad to tell you guys, that I didn’t like it. I was expecting more angst and it was just pathetic to watch our characters act like they’re back in high school. A part of me wishes that this was never written, that they would just be left as they were but I understand that Jared needs to grow outside of Tate. For me the story was mediocre at best… but I still love the characters, the series and of course the one and only, Penelope Douglas.

Read: April 27, 2015

Rating: 3 Stars


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