Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Going Too Far

Going too Far.jpg

This is not a just a story of a girl rebelling against her parents who met ‘the one’ in the body of a police who arrested her. She didn’t get her shit together just so to prove to the guy that she’s worthy of his attention. He didn’t take advantage of the fact that she’s a confused girl needing someone who understands her. This is a story of healing the minds, souls and hearts of two damaged people anchoring each other.

“You’ve got me so whipped, I can’t think of a single sarcastic thing to say.”

I love this book so much! I’ve only started reading books like mad again and I don’t think I’ve read a book quite like this. This book will take you in one hell of a ride of emotions. The feels, oh my god, the freaking feels. I love that both characters have been through a past that’s controlling the person who they are now. I usually read how one fixes the other and I’m thrilled to have read another master piece!

Read: July 22, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars


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